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Elektromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation

At the moment the manmade electric smog is the fastest growing threat worldwide for the human health, animals and nature. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the WHO has, on May 31st 2011, classified high-frequency electromagnetic pollution as possibly carcinogenic. A current large-scale international study on the use of cellular phones and the risk of brain tumors in grown-ups shows a higher risk with the frequent use of mobile phones.

In the last decades the number and variety of sources of electromagnetic radiation has increased in unprecedented proportions: High voltage power lines, power stations, transformer stations, transmission equipment for mobile phones, radio, television, radar, military surveillance, data transmission, directional radio. But also all electrical or electronic devices cause electric smog.

This development has the consequence that we are constantly, in any place, exposed to an electromagnetic environment, unprecedented in its way and intensity. The reason for the danger of this new environmental pollution is that our body’s own information system works with natural electromagnetic signals, however, on an energy level, a million times lower! The flooding of technical electromagnetic fields and rays causes so many different biological disorders in nature, animals and humans as a result of the coupling of technical electromagnetic signals with the natural environment as well as the information system of our cells, body systems and organs.

The risks of this development by now are of concern for the insurance industry: “Should it be confirmed that there is a harmful effect on humans and machines from electromagnetic fields, we are faced with a damage potential of which the magnitude cannot even roughly be estimated.”

A study of the Swiss reinsurance company comes to the conclusion that already, based on today’s knowledge, judgments could be passed in favor of the plaintiff, and sees that “the insurance industry could be faced with claims of existence-threatening dimensions.” For this reason, numerous liability insurers have tendered notice of cancelation for health- and other damages caused by electromagnetic radiation of products and equipment. The product liability therefore lies completely with the manufacturer of electrical and electronic devices and equipment.



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