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The Waste Problem

Oil Remediation

Every year several billion tons of waste are produced globally; municipal waste, hazardous waste, bio-medical waste, radioactive waste, explosives waste, electronic waste, etc. The main problem of exact worldwide reporting is that many countries and cultures have different ideas and definitions of waste. One indisputable fact remains: Unsupervised and untreated wastes can become hazardous both for the environment and living beings.

Garbage dumps, landfills and unattended waste will attract carriers of disease such as insects and rodents, contaminate soils, groundwater and the air, and, in the case of hazardous landfills, can cause other illnesses such as asthma, cancer or other fatal health problems. Landfills also contribute greatly to the climate change by emissions of green house gasses.

And still, the need for more space and new landfills and salt mine repositories increases globally, which has already opened a new market of international waste transport from industrialized to developing countries. Although in most industrialized countries waste incinerating plants are by now in operation, there are more effective, economic and environment friendly solutions such as Pyrolysis processes and landfill mining, to further support resource management systems like recycling.



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