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The commercial Cheveux boom is effective in blocking top water and subsurface tar and oils including dispersed oils. It also effectively traps tar on skirt with the Kill Spill floating absorbent boom, the only known method that captures Corexit effected emulsified oils. Our filtering walls are made commercially with rolls of nylon sized to match the depth designated for protection.

Effective boom construction directly off the workboat and using 5000 foot rolls plus blowing in of Kill Spill floating absorbent, saves transportation time and allows a mile of boom material to be set out in the same amount of time that only a few hundred feet of prefabricated boom would take. The dispersed oil is not only on the surface but underneath the surface; therefore protection from it should extend from the top of the surface to the bottom.

To make the Commercial Cheveux boom, nylon fabric is unrolled, folded over every 10 feet, and sealed with an ultrasonic weld to, form a bag. Superabsorbent material is blown in, the fourth side of the bag is welded shut to form a pillow, and the 10 foot by 4, 8, or 12 foot “building block” is formed. Nylon straps ultrasonically welded every 10 feet allow the pieces to be attached together, with weights at the bottom and floats at the surface.

Grass Roots Cheveux Boom

The tars and oils are moving subsurface. It is now well known that the dispersant Corexit has created a significant problems in that g p the tars and oils migrate subsurface and on bottom prior to coming up to the surface. A cost effective method is necessary to lay out miles of boom with skirts that extend to the bottom.

The Grass Roots Cheveux Boom is a filtering wall of hay and burlap. It is simple and uses only local, low‐cost material.

The burlap and the hay in the bottom compartment have an affinity to pick up tars. Tar sticks to hay and burlap because they have a five-finger biological bonding 'hand.' Hair picks up the lighter oils, distillates, and hangs on to them. Assembly of Grass Roots Cheveux boom can be done on porches, in backyards, or in garages. Very little space is necessary. Commercial and Grass Roots Cheveux Booms are serviced by pressure‐washing or washing with steam.

Clean Nature Solutions and Gulf Recovery LLC set up a Pyrolysis facility where the tars and distillates are removed from the booms and reused as jet fuel, gasoline, diesel fuel, and "carbon black" ‐ which is used in commercially‐produced superabsorbent booms. For Safety, Marker Buoys are placed. We can provide solar powered LED strobe light Buoys with GPS and Maintenance tracking.

The use of the Cheveux Boom with Iron Hydroxide and Iron Sulfate absorbent


The Ironstop® Absorber is a "fired clay compound" with other ingredients. It is not soluble in water and effectively locks up iron compounds until fully saturated. A fine filter membrane is used in the 20 foot long cartridges to reduce any dusting. The Cheveux boom material is an open porous screen material allowing full contact with the Iron compounds. The Ironstop® Absorber is not an activated charcoal material which will not work for this application. The activated charcoal is for hydrocarbon materials only.

The Cheveux Boom is deployed to actively absorb 24 hours a day.

Test 01 Test 02

A simple filtration setup was used for demonstration of the Ironstop absorber. Note that the water is clear coming from the filter.

Test 03 Test 04
Test 05

The iron compounds are removed and the water is now clear of iron.

Approximate time to process 44.5 kiloliters with this simple filtration was 2 hours.

Removed material in liquid form can then be taken to an iron mini-mill or smelting operation to be further processed.




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