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ShungiteSmog-Sorb - Protection against electromagnetic radiation and for the creation of radio screening, anti-electrostatic and fireproof floor covering, protected by multiple international patents.

In accordance with the requirements of GOST 12. 4.124-83 for anti-electrostatic materials.

Shungite is a unique material for the protection against electromagnetic radiation generated by electromagnetic fields of various origins: man-made fields of high and super-high frequency, geopathogenic, biogenic and solar emissions. Shungite screening of rooms can be easily accomplished with minimal expenses.

A whole range of Shungite materials are produced for that purpose: Shungite filling, dry construction mixes, gypsum partitions, etc.

Smog-Sorb is used for the screening of electromagnetic fields in radio frequency range, protection from static electricity, electric fields of industrial frequency, solving of problems connected with electromagnetic compatibility of technical means, protection of means and systems of information processing, not including information leaks through technical channels.

Recommended areas of application

  • electronic industry
  • radio engineering and instrument manufacturing industry
  • medical industry
  • computer centers & server rooms
  • residential homes, apartment buildings and offices)
  • medical institutions and sanatoriums
  • rooms where the protection from static electricity should be ensured
  • rooms to be under influence of electromagnetic fields
  • sport centers
  • rooms to be under expressed influence of anomalies of natural fields (geodynamic active areas of geological breaks
  • rooms for army duty officers and other force structures, dispatcher of power plants, airports, etc.
  • treatment-preventive institutions
  • hotels
  • wellness centers
  • shopping centers


  • screens electric fields 50 Hz and electromagnetic radiations in wide frequency range (from 10 kHz up to several dozen GHz), depending upon thickness of layer the effectiveness of screening of material is up to dozens dB.
  • absorbs electromagnetic radiation
  • does not accumulate static electricity
  • does not distort the magnetic field of the Earth. It ensures natural geomagnetic conditions in buildings and at working places. The rooms equipped with magnesian-shungite coverings have relaxing and wellness-improving effects.
  • ensures smoothing of concrete and cement-sand underlayers
  • relates to category of not dusting and noncombustible materials
  • has increased adhesion to underlays as well as elasticity and а crack growth resistance
  • is frost resistant, may be used in not heated rooms
  • is repairable
  • environmentally friendly

Smog-Sorb meets all the EMF requirements of the Russian Federation, which has the highest safety regulations for electromagnetic radiation worldwide.

General Requirements

During the whole period of implementation of work, the temperature of the room should be no less than +10°С; relative humidity in the room should not exceed 60%. The change of temperature and relative humidity in the room will change the period of “dry-setting”. The mixture is to be laid onto dry “mature“, (1-3 months) concrete underlay or onto 28-days cement-sand covering. Smog-Sorb should not be applied onto newly placed cement covering.

Packaging, Storage & Operation

The dry mixture "SMOG-SORB" is delivered in paper bags of 25 kg each. The tempering agent is delivered in barrels or canisters.

Warranty period of storage: 6 months from the date of production. The mixture should be stored in a dry room without allowing exposure to direct sunlight.


shungite 01

shungite 02shungite 03

Shungite radiowaves
screening materials

Experimental laboratory with basement built of monolith Shungite-concrete.




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