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The Sorb-System is a technology for the gentle and environmental-friendly removal of oil and other liquid toxins, which, through accidents, got into our environment.

Spill-Sorb™ is an oil absorbing fabric of acetyl cellulose. This fabric is suitable for removing oil, fuels and other liquid pollutants from the water and land, and for cleaning oil-contaminated animals. Spill-Sorb™ can be supplied in cubes, blankets, towels or any other desired shape. This material is for the absorption and removal of oil, especially petroleum, crude oil, from accidents on ships or offshore platforms, and other liquid contaminants, that can be burned with an ash residue of only 2-3%.

After an accident on the water or on land, the Spill-Sorb™ is applied to the pollutant by plane, helicopter, or directly from the ship, truck or train, etc. It absorbs the oil or the pollutant in seconds and can then be easily removed and disposed of. To prevent the material from drifting off, a Sorb-Net™ can be deployed before the application of the Spill-Sorb, which, driven by the buoyancy of floating bodies and/or a roll of polyurethane plastic foam, which is oil-adsorbent itself, to contain the materials within our patented netting.

In case of contact with oil after an accident, the feathers or fur of a contaminated animal can gently be cleaned with a soft cloth of Spill-Sorb™. Also, a sponge made ​​of Spill-Sorb™, can be soaked with spill-Dissolve™, whereby the fabric absorbs the removed oil securely. In workshops, factories, etc., oil and grease spills or pollutants can easily be absorbed and wiped off with a cloth, sponge or a mob made of the fabric, and then can easily be disposed. It can also be drawn underneath a leaking oil or liquid gas pipe on land as well as in accidents of trucks, trains, etc. under the leaking machine to prevent a large-scale spreading and infiltration of the liquid contaminant into the soil.

For the use on water surfaces, Spill-Sorb™ is particularly well suited.

The Sorb-Web™ is a net of interconnected pellets  of processed plastic, fleece or Spill-Sorb™, which is surrounded at the outer edge with a roll of polyurethane plastic foam, which is oleophil and hydrophobic. The pellets, which are about 10 x 10 x 2 cm in size (can be supplied in other sizes), are connected by a plastic cord from corner to corner in both directions.

The polyurethane plastic foam roller is pulled together with a water-soluble cord and the net held together as a sack. The net hangs folded under the roll and when deployed in the water closure it dissolves itself, the net then spreads collecting oil as it rises and surfaces. Already during this process the Sorb-Web™ absorbs the pollutant in the water making final clean-up more efficient and cost effective. The saturated net then can be removed relatively easily, without the loss of any oil for reclamation and/or repurposing.

During an accident the Sorb-Web™ is deployed either by plane, helicopter, or directly from the ship above the leaked pollutants, where it sinks shortly towards the seabed, and then, spreading and expanding rises to the surface. For existing plumes of oil and contaminants in the water, the Sorb-Web™ is pulled under the plume via submarine and released there. Due to the open pores of the material, the net will spread in any depth of the sea and rise, taking the pollutants with it, to the surface. For extra stability, the Sorb-Web can be combined with a spring made of metal or plastic, which, with the support of other floating bodies, can be utilized in high seas. All Products can be equipped with Spill-Alert™ an animal warning system that emits warning signals both above and under water to reduce wildlife causalities until effective cleanup is completed.


The Sorb-Net™ is a net for the securing of oil-absorbing materials. During application of oil-absorbing materials under water, large portions of the materials can be towedaway by currents, and thus become persistent toxic waste, which spreads itself further in the ocean. The Sorb-Net™ prevents the drifting apart of the applied materials which can be manufactured in any size and net density. The net is attached to a roll of polyurethane foam plastic, which can support the buoyancy and stabilize and control material containment in the open sea. The roll is held together with a water-soluble cord that dissolves after deploying on or under water and the net opens and spreads itself. Driven by the buoyancy of the floating device and/or the roll that may be oil absorbent itself, the material stays within the net, by which a drifting off of the materials is prevented.

The Sorb-Net™ can also be deployed before adding other products also if deploying the Spill-Sorb™ by aircraft or helicopter. The Sorb-Net™ can catch and contain these materials, which simplifies the subsequent skimming of the fully soaked Spill-Sorb™ or other oil absorbing materials we produce.

For the removal of oil plumes in great depths of the ocean the deployment of the Sorb-Net™ filled with polyurethane foam plastic pellets is recommended. The foam pellets have a size of 10 x 7 x 2 cm, are oleophil, hydrophobic, and provide absorption of oils and oleaginous substances. Due to their open-porous material through which the water can flow freely, the pellets can also be used in the depths of the sea without any oil loss during their buoyancy to the surface.

The Beach-Sorb™ is an oil-absorbing protection pad that is made ​​of polyurethane plastic foam, fleece, Spill-Sorb™ or other oil absorbent materials. It is for the cover and protection of beaches and soil from spilled liquid pollutants during oil spills and other accidents with liquid contaminants in the water and on land.

In a tanker accident or a leak from an oil platform the Beach-Sorb™ is strategically placed on the beach staked out and then rolled into the sea. An example in this context is the end of a coral reef or a volcanic island, etc., where it goes into the depths of the sea; here the Beach-Sorb™ with weights that are attached to eyelets is drawn downward to protect the corals, etc. from the oil. After the successful elimination of the pollutants in the water, the mat can easily be rolled up, removed and disposed of.

For a leak in an oil or liquid gas line on land the Beach-Sorb™ is pulled under the line and prevents a large-scale expansion and infiltration of the liquid pollutant into the ground. After the full saturation of the material, the mat can be easily replaced by another.

At accidents of trucks, trains, etc., where liquid pollutants leak from machinery or tanks, the mat can be pulled under the leak and thus prevent the spreading or penetration into the ground.

In case of an oil-disaster on the water, the Beach-Sorb™ can be attached to the outer edge of an oil boom to prevent the spreading of oil by a spill-over, or to the bottom of the oil boom, and be drawn under water with the aid of weights for the prevention of a local expansion of the oil.

The Spill Alert™ is a warning system for animals, namely a signal device for air and sea. In an oil spill thousands of animals die each time; birds, whales, dolphins, seals, etc. Animals communicate at a distance via sounds or under water also via sensors. The spill-alert makes use of the understanding of this communication - for example in the case of an oil spill - to provide an early warning to the animals both on land and in water of an existing danger, so they can get to safety or simply avoid the area.

The above-described products Web-Sorb™ and Sorb-Net™ can also be supplied with a signaling device for early warning of marine animals and birds in case of an environmental disaster or an accident. This is a floating signal device, respectively a buoy with signaling devices, which can release signals under and/or above water.

The Spill-Alert™ can be either integrated into a floating body of the products described above, or to a buoy fitted with a drogue, which, mounted on the top has a megaphone and at the bottom a hydrophone and/or an ultrasound device. With these a transmitter sends warning signals to the animals under water, at the coast and on land to prevent an encounter of these animals and harmful oil or other pollutants. The transmitter, a computer with stored sound files (such as warning signals of dolphins and whales, seals screaming during a shark attack, etc.) and ultrasonic signals, will be installed on ships, coast guards, oil rigs, etc., and can be switched on when needed. Specific aspects of this embodiment are described as follows:

In the form of buoys, the Spill-Alert™, during an oil-spill at sea, will be distributed and dispensed from rescue boats or directly from ships in a distance of about 150 meters. On coasts and beaches the warning system can also be easily attached and placed in the shallow waters without an anchor, on land without the underwater gear. In an accident on land the spill alert is, as described above, situated, without water gear, at a distance of approximately 500 meters.

The Spill-Alert™ can also easily be integrated into any existing oil barrier and is also easily attached to fishing nets to keep away dolphins and porpoises to prevent them from becoming entangled in their nets.



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