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Coast-Sorb is an environmentally friendly, natural-based product without chemical additives. It is a specially treated turf, which in an optimal way absorbs fuel, diesel, mineral and vegetable oils and is biodegradable and nontoxic. For that reason it is the perfect absorbent for fresh oil spills on rocks or spilled oil on vessels.

Coast-Sorb is optimal for the absorption of liquid contaminants except for acids and alkalis, is low-dust and absorbing with a response time of 1-2 seconds. Without application of pressure it won’t release absorbed oil and can, within seconds, be swept up or sucked off. Also for the coagulation or to bind industrial sludge the turf is ideal. Remaining oil traces can easily be removed with Spill-Dissolve.

1 kg of Coast-Sorb absorbs up to 4 liters of oil (light heating oil). The piled weight is approximately 100-125 g/liter. The with oil saturated product can be burnt at 350° centigrade without the development of harmful gasses and thereby leaves behind less than 2% of ash. It is environmentally friendly in its disposal and can also be brought to an incinerator or a suitable disposal site. This way, the waste disposal is very cost-effective. In appropriate and dry storage, Coast-Sorb is made to last almost indefinitely.


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