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The basic material is inert and biodegradable and has a large surface area on which to attach. Kill Spill possess a high affinity towards strong acids, strong bases and hydrocarbons due to its overall activation state. In its activated state, the material tightly bonds with hydrogen or oxygen. Since hydrogen oxygen in water is already tightly bound in covalent double bonds, water is not attached to the material. Hydrocarbons, strong acids and bases though have plenty of dangling hydrogen bonds (first 2) or oxygen bond (bases).

In its activated site it has a myriad of exposed areas for combination with the hydrocarbons. The bonded hydrocarbons can be removed with heat, thus burning, Pyrolysis or steam cleaning. When chemically bonded to Polybutylene or Polyethylene foam, as in our Sorb-System, the Kill Spill material physically has different crystal planes exposed, thus a higher capture rate. The Pyrolysis process as a byproduct actually produces the starting material for the Kill Spill absorbent.


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