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The Aqua-Sorb filtration system of Dr. Korotkov is an innovative system for water filtration and structuring. Invented in Russia, it is based on several new principles:

  1. The filtering process utilizes a high-reactivity carbon mix (HRCM) - a new nano-structured carbon material, based on a discovery of Russian scientists. HRCM is obtained by cold destruction of graphite through a patented method. HRCM contains carbon nanostructures that have an enormous surface area (about 2000 m2/gram). As such, when moistened, HRCM carbon nanostructures form a mass which “entangles" even the tiniest impurities and suspended particles both of an organic and of an inorganic origin.

  2. A System for water structuring, using complicated electromagnetic fields generated by a special generator. This principle is based on many years of research and allows the forming of so-called “interfacial exclusion zones” in bulk water, which accumulates charges.

  3. A System of automatic filter cleansing from bacterial contaminations, inevitable after some time of the filtering process, in particular in warm and heat countries.

  4. A System of final water preparation using geometrical fractal structures based on synergetic principles of non-linear mathematics.

This developed filtration system may be constructed for applications in individual apartments, homes, community water systems and production facilities.

Particularities of construction depend on the type of water and customer demands.

This system is protected by several patents.
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