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Spill-Dissolve is an enzyme-based, 100% biodegradable product and contains a mixture of anionic and nonionic tensides, washing active substances (detergents), by which two normally immiscible liquids can be mixed, to act as a solubilizer. It is suitable for the elimination of all oils, from mineral to synthetic ones, and does not leave behind toxic residual products after the decomposition. Fuels as well can be removed optimally. The product is completely decomposable in clarification plants, ensures a maximal removal of hydrocarbon compounds and holds no health risks in its use and is also 100% nontoxic for animals and nature. The enzymes contained in Spill-Dissolve are an ideal nourishment for natural microorganisms, which after the treatment multiply themselves more rapidly and thereby speed up the degradation process of oils and fuels.

Spill-Dissolve is also ideal for the cleaning of oil covered animals. Unfortunately, most rescue attempts of oil infested birds are without success. The animals, which were exposed to the oil in full measure, usually have also ingested large quantities of oil and are condemned to death from the beginning. For those animals who only have some oil in their feathers or fur, the cleaning procedure as well is very difficult and exhausting, and a huge stress factor. Spill-Dissolve is optimal for the gentle cleaning of oil-covered, live animals, which have survived the first part of the rescue, as it is completely nontoxic and does not attack the natural fat layer of the animals. 

Depending on the size of the oil pest, Spill-Dissolve is mixed with water and then applied to the affected areas either per crop duster or per tractor and will there decompose the oil naturally. On streets and solid grounds or on rocky coast lines the product can be applied by fire hose or high pressure cleaner. Off solid grounds, the oil can then be easily wiped off. Depending on temperature and climate the process of the oil decomposition will take a few weeks to a couple of months; the higher the temperature, the higher the effectiveness of the active substances in Spill-Dissolve.

Spill-Dissolve meets all requirements of the EU, the environmental protection agency and other state agencies. For more than ten years it has been used by the fire departments, army and police in Austria. Spill-Dissolve has very good emulsion stability, does not corrode paints, varnishes or metals and can, without hesitation, be used in food sectors and hospitals. The product is highly dilutable. (1:50 to 1:800)


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