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EMF Shielding

EMF Solution

The number of people who inform themselves about the health consequences of electromagnetic radiation is growing steadily. Many people want to take precautionary steps themselves and need products which are low on radiation or can shield off electric smog. The worldwide leading trade- and industrial companies are watching this trend and are preparing for the demand for low-radiation electric and electronic mass-product articles.

On the other hand the manufacturers of electric and electronic products are open to existence-threatening liability risks, which would at least be preventable in the future. Up to now not even those technical possibilities for a decrease in radiation in electric and electronic devices are being used, which would not generate additional costs in production.

An investigation by The International Association for Electrosmog-Research (IGEF) has shown that 90% of all electric and electronic products can be manufactures at little or no additional costs to drastically reduce health risks caused by electric smog.

After comprehensive research, Clean Nature Solutions has a patented Shungite-technology shielding available to reduce the electric smog of electric and electronic devices and equipment to low-radiation values.




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