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A biotope is a living environment that accommodates a biocenosis in a combination of abiotic environmental factors, brought to life by flora, fauna and other organisms. Biotopes are small-scale approaches to preserving ecosystems and have to be connected with each other and other life-forms, flora and fauna, to serve their purpose efficiently. One of the most effective strategies for renaturation is to plan a habitat corridor, with a center of the network, connected to other smaller biotopes. The difference between a biotope and a biosphere reserve is that biosphere reserves are not interfered with by humans. Biotopes are areas specifically designed to be integrated into human life and society, and combine natural and artificial “construction materials” for the preservation, regeneration, and creation of natural environmental settings.

Biotopes are also designed to simulate the natural habitat of specific fish by artificially replicating the condition of the water type, quality, temperature and the surroundings found in nature such plants, lighting, and native aquatic fauna. The artificial materials introduced into a biotope are vitally important to its success and must be chosen carefully as natural substances may naturally degenerate and artificial ones may interfere with the behavior of the organisms. The team of Clean Nature Solutions takes special care of ensuring that the conservation and creation of your biotopes fits into the natural surroundings, taking into consideration existing landscapes, the local climate, soil properties, water quality and the naturally occurring flora and fauna, as well as already developed landscapes:

  • artificial ponds
  • landscape gardening
  • artificial lakes
  • rooftop gardens
  • reconstruction of rivers
  • river engineering
  • nature parks
    • along highways
    • in cities
    • in schools
    • in hospitals


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