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100% Clean & Renewable Energy Solutions

Oil Remediation

Clean Nature Solutions (CNS) provides Services and Technologies Worldwide for clients who wish to convert their business or regions into 100% renewable and clean energies. On the technical and scientific side of CNS, our team has decades of experience in the development and implementation of sustainable energy projects that guarantee higher efficiency. From the very beginning, CNS provides supervision of the entire process and works closely with stakeholders to ensure success of any given project. The process typically begins with a feasibility study and acquisition of the necessary permits required for the respective region.

After completion of a feasibility study, Clean Nature Solutions will consult with decision makers responsible for the respective area to develop strategies on how to implement the results of the study fast and effectively. The pre-construction process of individual systems or energy parks can be launched during the study once all necessary pre-requisites are met and/or immediately following the evaluation.

CNS can establish offices in respective regions for client access to our services and depending on the size and the demand of the region, we can add an information center to help advise, educate and familiarize the residents of that particular region with the subjects of renewable energy, sustainability and the host of benefits that our technologies bring to the region. In addition, these objectives also provide employment for that region by creating new jobs and talent from the local labor force.  A complete conversion to sustainability and a shift in awareness in all stakeholders is the goal of CNS activities.

Our feasibility studies include a complete analysis of the political, climatic, geological and socio-economic conditions of a region for its conversion to 100% energy self-sufficiency, and are always accompanied by a complete potentiality study, which evaluates all potentials of a region for the use of sustainable energies. Further we guarantee that all our survey reports and studies are always implemented and evaluated with care and consideration of landscape-, nature- and cultural conservation as well as the protection of human rights.

We conduct feasibility studies in the following areas:

  • Communes and villages

  • Cities

  • Countries

  • Industrial enterprises

  • Shopping malls

  • Farms and ranches

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Restaurants

  • Hospitals

  • Office buildings

  • Schools

  • Apartment buildings and housing developments

The Potentiality studies may include one or more of the following:

  • Potentials for Solar Power

  • Potentials for Wind Power

  • Potentials for Hydro Power

  • Potentials for Wave and Tidal Power

  • Potentials for Biogas Power

  • Waste to Energy

  • Agricultural survey

  • Ecological survey

  • Geological survey

  • Hydrological survey

  • Landfill & Waste Management survey

  • Meteorological survey

Isolated Applications

For objects like villages, residential buildings, factories, shopping malls, hotels, etc., in industrial as well as in developing countries, we offer the possibility to install isolated applications depending on the individual potentials. After the survey of the local conditions on the basis of meteorological, geological and hydrological data, we develop a concept customized to the individual project. We present a project study, which includes the cost, the ROI and the duration of the construction phase. Following we secure the necessary permits. Upon completion of all preliminary work, we carry out the construction of the plant until inspection and final approval.

Political Consulting

Every region and government has their own set of laws and regulations. In some countries, the guidelines for sustainable energies must first be laid out. Due to constraints of adoption for newly introduced technologies, many regions may require additional educational efforts for inhabitants of a specific region concerning the meaningfulness of sustainable forms of energy and their own potentials for certain technologies. The team of Clean Nature Solutions cooperates with the politicians and/or other public leaders in the development of solutions in the following areas:

  • 100% conversions to renewable energies

  • Feed-in legislations

  • Renewable energy laws

  • Animal welfare and nature conservation laws

  • Approval procedures

  • Grid stability and base load studies

  • Grid design, energy supply and electricity transmission

  • Sustainable agricultural structures

  • Sustainable traffic

  • Landscape- and culture conservation surveys

Prevention and removal of contaminants, oil spills and/or hazardous materials



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