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Hazardous, Radioactive and Toxic Waste Remediation Services

Müllverstromung & Ressourcenrückgewinnung

CNS provides a wide-range of remediation services and technologies dealing with materials considered significantly dangerous to human health and the environment. We assist clients with the best course of action for dealing with such materials including:

  • Medical Waste

  • Hazardous Waste;

  • Radioactive Contamination and Materials;

  • Explosives and other Highly Reactive Materials;

  • Highly Corrosive Waste;

  • Asbestos, Mold and Lead Contamination;

  • Above and Below Ground Storage Tank Leakage.

CNS Project Managers will provide best course of action for dealing with such materials using CNS Remediation Technologies best suited for a given application. Contact CNS for further information.



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