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Soil Remediation

Oil Remediation

When it comes to soil, CNS harnesses a number of methods and technologies for projects involving soil contamination (pollution). Soil contamination may involve a recent activity such as a chemical spill as a result of an accident or it may involve the build-up in soils of persistent toxic compounds, chemicals, salts, radioactive materials, or disease causing agents, which have adverse effects on plant growth and animal health.

Additionally, soils can be complex in nature and involve a plural of factors that play a role in the challenge of correcting a particular problem. This requires a thorough understanding of soil sciences and a knowledgeable choice of strategies involved to correct and bring back into balance a living, complex soil biota.

With so many factors that play into a project, it’s vital to have a wide range of technological options supported by a highly experienced team with years of accumulative experience in the fields of air, soil and water sciences and remediation technologies.  At CNS, we pride ourselves in offering clients customized strategies for soil remediation by utilizing a multifaceted approach to solve both simple and complex applications.


A partial list of methods and technologies offered by CNS include:

  • Bioreactor Landfills
  • Bioremediation
  • Electrokinetics—The use of electric current technologies
  • Soil Amendments & Additives—Soil amendments of interest consist of value-added waste materials, animal manures and litters, sugar beet lime, wood ash, neutralizing lime products, and a variety of composted agricultural byproducts, as well as traditional agricultural additives.
  • Soil Washing
  • Phytoremediation—A range of processes mediated by plants, bacteria or algae are useful in treating environmental problems.

The above methods of soil remediation are best used in combination and at times can be combined with other technologies that CNS offers. Please contact us for further information or assistance with your specific needs and we will offer you the best solution possible!


The following criteria must be checked and compared:

  • Technical feasibility (state of development, availability and Performance of the method)
  • Environmental impact of the measure (potential emissions, energy and Raw materials, impact on groundwater, soil properties after treatment possible relocation of the hazard potential)
  • Application security, reliability (work safety, safety of residents, technical risks of the operation, residual contamination)
  • Temporal feasibility (estimated timeframe of the remediation)
  • Possible side effects (mobility of residual contaminants and metabolites of the microbial degradation, type and quantity of waste to be disposed of)
  • Possible interference by third parties and political acceptance
  • Controllability of the restoration effect
  • Approval capability of the process requirements and permit requirements
  • Commensurability of capital - cost analysis



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