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Water Remediation

Water Remediation

The focus of Clean Nature Solutions in water remediation, with her team of HF Umweltservice and Gulf Recovery LLC, is a natural, ecological revitalization and renaturation of natural waters and the optimization and maintenance of wastewater systems.

Service and Maintenance

We undertake the Service, maintenance and optimization of wastewater treatment plants, trickling filters, simultaneous ponds as well as constructed wetlands and other decentralized biological wastewater treatment systems, and also the by law required extraction and analysis of wastewater samples.

We also conduct operational logs, create maintenance logs, and collect the data for the performance comparison for the determination of infiltration water and wastewater charges for official agencies. Our team records decentralized wastewater systems that are not connected to the sewer and creates, in collaboration with the respective community, wastewater concepts necessary for the authorities.

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We are specialized in natural water remediation, such as lakes, ponds, swimming pools, fishing ponds, fish farms, renaturation of streams, rivers and groundwater reservoirs, and the optimization of wastewater treatment plants and natural rainwater harvesting for domestic water use, without the use of chemicals and heavy construction equipment.

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Together with our partners we will also be of service to you in environmental landscaping, constructed wetlands, as well as semi-natural environmental restoration.

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